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This is helping a lot! I will use this at night. My advice is try them all and see what helps you the best! 

Jeff H

The extra cooling effect makes relief feel amazing, not to mention the awesome powers of all-natural CBD!   

Greg E

Almost immediate relaxation, stress reduction and reduced anxiety. Better results than I have experienced from other CBD oil products. 

Hal D

I'm a sun fanatic, so I get super bummed in the winter. I use the highest mg and it helps a ton. 

Susan W
  1. Worked fast for me with stress relief…..
Scott S.

Great product. I read some reviews about people using it and started to do the same. Have seen great progress in just a short time.   

Sharon H

It’s so easy to use the roll-on applicator. I can get immediate relief right at the site of my pain! 

Mark D

A lot of inflammation creams can be greasy and feel heavy when applied to the skin, but not Med Ultra Pain Freeze formula. It’s lightweight enough to use multiple times a day and provides almost instant relief. 

Jim F

Compared with two other companies--I can honestly say it’s the best cbd oil I’ve used.   

Sheri S

I can’t wait to get some more. Seeing results after three days with my pain.

Sam J

I’ve tried a lot of vape oils/hemp oils, this one is top three. Very happy. 

Pat H

I recently tried the Hemp Oil 2000 and the results have been truly amazing!!!! It has improved my quality of life so much that It's hard for me to believe I'm not dreaming, but I'm NOT. 

Neal J

Roll-on makes easy to use. Can put right on my back and feel great.   

Sarah J

The CBD Freeze adds a little extra cooling effect, and we love it! My husband and i have been using it for months and can’t imagine going back to life without it. 

Patsy B

You have to be consistent to see results, but they are GREAT RESULTS!!! 

Britany B

Super happy; best CBD oil products in my opinion and I’ve tried a lot…

Kelly E

After research and trial and error, I found Nature’s Marvel to be the best option. There’s no risk of THC in cbd isolate but it has all the elements that calm you down.   

Steve G