Seal of Doctor Recommended Products

• Only trademarked Doctor Recommended brand (no other brand can legally state this )

• Only brand with MD Board of Directors.

• Awarded the CBD Seal Of Distinction given only to highest quality and efficacious CBD products (less than 2% of all other CBD brands qualify)

• Our brand uses only 100% industrial professional grade, no THC hemp

• 100% non-GMO


Display Options

We provide 2 display options for Free & Fit Products.

1. Small Glass Display for countertop and more conservative spaces.


2. The Full Display to showcase the full range the Free & Fit product lines.

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Welcome to Free Fit CBD!

We began our hands-on journey into the world of CBD over six years ago. We spent time educating ourselves with growers, extractors, manufactures, retailers and most importantly consumers, learning what was important to each. By entering the industry during its infancy, we have been able to see whats good and works and conversely whats bad and is a waste of money.

At Free & Fit CBD we know that you have a lot of choices and questions concerning CBD’s and your health. With that in mind, all our products carry the “Dr Recommended Seal” and the “CBD Seal of Distinction”. These two extra seals along with test results in a convenient QR link, offer you peace of mind that your product is what we say it is. You don’t have to worry where was the product grown or what the test results are, the CBD Seal of Distinction is your sign of quality and purity.

• Seal of Doctor Recommended

• CBD Seal of Distinction